Sunday, September 28, 2014

The Bus

The Bus

Are you still on the bus that sways to and fro
 as the corners and bends pass by
Life on the slow as traffic lights bleed

and the questions remain why oh why
Living on straps from the ceiling to fall

leathered and weathered they hang
Waiting for you to let them all go

to leap from the bus with a bang

Are you still on the bus is your mind not at rest

is your ticket all frayed and decayed
Have the moments slipped by as you hold on for life

on the rickety journey you’ve made
Preserving the dreams of the days that have flown

to worlds that are distant and lost
Sighs and the shrugs of your shoulders that drop

at the thought of all that you’ve tossed

Are you still on the bus that staggers ahead

as the thunderbirds ravage with speed
Stirring the dust as they zoom back and forth

with the days of the future they plead
Screaming their tyres they zoom to the rear

they call for your life to resume
Leaving the past to the place it belongs

in the shelter of despair and the doom


Saturday, September 27, 2014

Springtime at my place

Bird Nest Fern

Potted colour

Who's that tapping at my door?

A fluffy HUNGRY baby bird that's who!

Who loves raisin toast.

This chubby bubba can't believe his luck...
Tapping on the door of a
'Mother Hen'.
He/she has bestowed upon me the title of...
He/she patiently waits (on our veranda) for me each morning (for a feed),
sticks around through the day, looks for a feed again at dusk, 
before retiring to our Jacaranda tree for the night.
In the morning the process starts all over again.
This morning he/she shared Miss Cosette's
 (pictured to the right of my blog)
 cat mince with her.
Miss Cosette (in deep mourning over Miss Charlotte's passing)
 was thrilled to have a new playmate.
Miss Cosette has never seen an episode of Sylvester and Tweety.
Cossie (as she is affectionately known)
 is not the brightest tile on the roof. 
She is a gentle refined gal,
who is more known for her looks than her smarts.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

A Lovely Surprise - Rainforest R & R

Tuesday morning (just gone)
 I awoke to a lovely (totally unexpected) surprise.
 Heartpoet had secretly booked a romantic getaway in the rainforest.
Two nights tucked away in a secluded cabin just he and I.
Our expected arrival time? 2pm that same day ;)
Oh my! :)

We have not long returned home.

A few snippets from our bliss-filled getaway...

Extra supply of fluffy towels.
Handmade lush soap ball with garden fresh sprigs of lavender,
wrapped in vintage lace.
Fairtrade Belgian Chocolate.

Falling asleep to the crackling of the fire.
Awaking to the Whip Birds and the sounds of the rainforest.


Morning mist.

Eclectic/tranquil surrounds.

Rain pinging and tinging on the tin roof - 
Fairy Dreams incense (jasmine & honey) burning.
A piping hot bush lemon and honey cup of tea.
A book selected from the cabins book shelf.
A cosy spot near the fire.
 Plump cushions.
 A luxurious soft mohair throw.
Excuse me if I nod off wont you?! Ha!

Spoilt much?!

1 breakfast and 1 lunch dining at mountain cafes.
Pictured above is dessert from our lunch out.
Pots of Chamomile and English Breakfast tea's 
and raw carrot and brazil nut cake and raw apple and caramel cake.
The rest Heartpoet self catered.
Heartpoet (alone) had shopped for all manner of 
delectable foodstuffs, drinks etc.
 Packing them safely/securely in our largest esky.
He made good use of the cabins well appointed kitchen.
Last night for example he served...
Dinner - 
A rustic/hearty chicken, leek, mushroom and parmesan risotto 
(made from scratch). 
Dessert -
Pre-purchased individual sour cherry cheesecakes,
 washed down with flutes of pink champagne by the fire.
I cook 99% of the time at home,
 so for me this was an extra special treat!

A brisk 4.9km romantic rainforest walk 
Hand in hand of course.

I love this one of a kind quirky dude so much!
Unbeknownst to Heartpoet 
(although it soon became very apparent ha!),
I went away with the worst ever PMT.
Methinks the stress from my worrying about his pathology test results
has delayed my period somewhat. 
I was all over the shop.
 Teary one minute, cranky the next.
Heartpoet however was not fazed at all.
He just loved on me even harder.
Definitely a keeper right?! ;)