Friday, July 18, 2014

Open Wide

Whispers on the evening air in the musk of floral bloom
Stirring on a sunray’s arch in a winters cosy room
Bending with the gossamer thread a sparkle in the light
Rising with the early dawn in a simple gown of white
Every clip a treasure told a perfect glimpse of you
Moments of our love encased in colours pink to blue 

So come now gather these and hasten to my side
Where all my love I give to you my heart is open wide


Sunday, July 13, 2014

On a Rose

On a rose there live 5 petals, 5 petals do there be
A petal for the weekdays born when I am there with thee.
And weekends count for stem and base, the anchor of the whole
Upon those days when I am there at rest within your soul
On a rose there live 5 petals, 5 petals do there be
A petal for your heart my love for there I live with thee.


* Wild roses, flowers of delicate beauty, usually have a single row of five petals.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

A must watch

"So look up from your phone, shut down those displays, 
We have a finite existence...a set number of days..."

Friday, July 11, 2014



Fortune may very well favour the brave however it may also turn them into cannon fodder. When the bugle sounded, the battalion hurried to its posts. Uncertain moments followed as they waited, and waited, and waited. A single shot pierced the heavy silence and hell began its rage.

In later weeks, the story of that battle swept in waves up and down the coastline. There were embellishments and slight changes to some of the finer details but in general the whispered tones of reverence were fully justified. A single battalion had withstood the barrage of a thousand rifles held by a thousand men. Names of individual soldiers trickled to folklore and the time and place would one day be marked by a significant memorial, stone and bricks saluting.

As Timmy heard the call from the kitchen "Dinner’s ready! Wash your hands please!" He picked up one of his soldiers and whispered quietly “well done brave fella”.

He would be back later to help them settle their nerves. 


Thursday, July 10, 2014




Have you seen the black crows flapping to the nearest tree alive
On a bakers dreamy morning when the yeasts rise just in time
Have you heard the street light flicker as the dark hours fade away
When the early morning risers have a cup of tea their way
Have you felt the mists come rising over bracken and the heath
And the dampness start to gather round the bottom of your feet
Have you smelt the welcome gather of the lavender not far
Where the bees will soon be swarming in their purple floral car
Have you touched a blade of grass today so green and standing proud
Soldiers in the early hours with a dew upon their sword
Well I’ve done the lot this time and my senses are aflame
They linger on this morning and they’re never ever plain


Wednesday, July 9, 2014



had there been a sunray shining, a glimpse of sparkled dew
a moment full of magic with wonders all anew
had there been s a single message a whisper on the breeze
a note of any colour on a palette full of ease

had there been a sweetest birdnote upon a bough so high
a trickle of some gum sap to catch the sunlit eye
had there been a simple signal from the universal space
to throw at all the protons at a supersonic pace
would love have seen them differently would love have scampered by
hurrying to harbours where tired vessels lie
would love have simply lost them thrown them scattered to the wind
where lonesome figures wander reality unpinned

well truly do we answer this in a very simple place
for we have been there kissing in a simple lovers’ space
and we need no fancy fanfare for a love so grand as ours
where love has helped sustain us through all these living hours

so gladly do we stand now our faces to the sky
gleaming in the sunshine defiance at the cry
for no one takes asunder the binding of our pledge
nor chips away at remnants for a battered shattered edge
for truly are we granted a universal love
to take us both to heavens with the stars and moon above


Tuesday, July 8, 2014




There’s a star upon the mountain and its fallen to the Earth
from the heavens far beyond us from a distant Universe
and the sparkles glisten brightly over moonlight’s shining arch
as the star that’s fallen softly seeks the ancient lovers’ march

Slowly ever slowly the earth spins round and round
so the star that seeks all lovers need never make a sound
yet listen if you can to that - can you hear the distant call
of nature at its grandest from beyond the mountain’s wall
where loves great warmth intensifies more heated than the sun
from the fire of lovers’ kisses until the moment’s done
and know this once and ever more that I am truly there
embracing you in lovers’ grasp in the misty mountain air

So regardless of the whispers of the sheer of rocky scape
of the darkness in the shadows of the figures with no shape
remember this my darling my Valentine my wife
that every moment with you takes me there to higher life