Tuesday, October 28, 2014



For rain that falls on distant hills shall fall to lower ground
Clouds to pools of water rush from birth to life the sound
Leaves of rust to green uncurl they soak the country air
Breathing for the very first their hopes from deep despair
A frog erupts from burrow deep the eyes unglued to see
Diamonds sparkling on the gaze sweet luminosity
So life arises rainbow dust that spreads across the land
Colours mixed with nature’s call much grander than was planned
Clouded days and nights that weep splinters from the sky
Moist and soaked these water drops upon this scene so high


Tuesday, October 21, 2014

A Softer Moment

A Softer Moment

Had there been a softer moment in the rays of moonlight gold
A sweeter songbird singing on a whisper’s sweeter fold
Had there been a curlew calling on the drifting of the breeze
Perhaps a harpist playing on the strings of gold to please
Perhaps she would have wondered for a moment on that night
Whether love was her supporter in the fading sunset light
For her life was never easy she had struggled and she’d cried
She had fought the savage demons and with anguish she had sighed
She had found and lost the life strength to battle day by day
Yet somehow she had surfaced and found another way

Had there been a softer moment in the rays of moonlight gold
A sweeter songbird singing…….now her story has been told


Sunday, October 19, 2014

Happy Sunday

Books wash away from the soul 
the dust of everyday life.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Taking Stock


Making: mad passionate love with my Poet. Unless it's mad, passionate, extraordinary love it's a waste of your time. There are too many mediocre things in life. Love should not be one of them.

Cooking: is love made visible.

Drinking: bottled Aussie natural spring water.

Reading: I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings - Maya Angelou.

Wanting: Grandchildren one day. Heartpoet and I are currently enjoying spoiling my second cousins new babe. Such fun! I cannot wait to see my soul mate hold his first grandchild (in the hopefully not too distant future). Heartpoet's OOAK personality will make for the best Grandpapa methinks. No pressure Brenton ;) hehehe.

Gorgeousness x 2

Looking: at helicopter flight schools for Brenton. Last weekend he went for his boat and jet-ski licenses and passed with flying colours first time. Same with his car license and motorbike license over recent years. He has his sights set on a commercial helicopter license next. Go you good thing!

Playing: mind games is not my cup of tea.

Deciding: to move house. It's in the lap of the God's at present. Bring it on!

Wishing: you sunshine and laughter.

Enjoying: lunch dates with my handsome 21 year old son. We take turns shouting/choosing the restaurant/cafe. He always drives. One on one time to catch up on each others news. He and Heartpoet do similar Father/Son nights - a few games of pool followed by a pub meal or sushi then a movie etc.

Waiting: for 'He Who Rules My Heart' to return home from work. I miss him. We have simple plans to potter in the garden this arvo. Just being in his company will be lovely.

Liking: Liking your own fb status is like giving yourself a high five in public hahahaha!

Wondering: how some people sleep at night. Although I am guessing they do not.

Loving: my new oh so soft and perty wrap/shawl. The pattern is 'The Serendipity Wrap' and was designed by someone named Kim!!! Made for me by a dear friend of mine named Bel. Bel, a solo mum of  a special needs child included a lovely letter in the parcel which in part read...

"So many times over the last few months I've wanted to give you a great big hug. A shawl is pretty much a knitted hug. Know that you are loved lots. I don't know if you wear shawls, It's OK if you don't. I just wanted you to have something made for you with love". 

*Cue sploshy tears*  Will treasure forever and ever.

Made with love

Pondering: There is a need to bathe others in kindness. There is a need to bathe ourselves in kindness.

Considering: There is a need to remember, know, be clear about who we are – not to let the world impose its thoughts upon us.

Watching: The Broken Circle Breakdown on DVD.

Hoping: I was hoping you and I would end up together Heartpoet ;)

Marveling: Tragedy cannot be the end of our lives. We cannot allow it to control and defeat us.

Needing: squishy hugs. One can never receive too many.

Smelling: Precious Patchouli incense cones burning on my front veranda and Song Of India Solid Fragrance on my neck, wrists and backs of ankles.

Topping up my incense stash

Wearing: Paisley print sundress, boho bracelet and black thongs (flip flops).

Following: my favorite bloggers on fb, twitter and instagram.

Noticing: the apple does not fall far from the tree.

Knowing: me, knowing you (a-ha). There is nothing we can do...

Thinking: It's not always where you are in life, but who you have by your side that matters. Some people drain you and others provide soul food. Don’t jeopardize your dignity and self-respect by trying to make someone accept, love and appreciate you when they have proven that they are incapable of doing so.

When you leave the wrong people behind you make room in your life for the right things to start happening. When people show you who they are, believe them the first time. Heartpoet cottoned on to this life lesson a lil earlier than I did. 2014 for me has been about taking my rose coloured glasses off. I (we) don't trust words, we trust actions. One chance turns into two and two chances turns into too many. So now when the wrong people come a knockin' (or a textin' as the case may be) we apply the 'FC rule'. Do you know what FC stands for? Fat chance!!! Since implementing this simple rule lemme tell you that life in general my friends has been schweet! Heartpoet's depression has totally tapered off with this trigger removed. Happy days!

Admiring: the two perty posies that my Poet purchased for me this week.

Thank you for the gorgeous card Terra

Sorting: Useful or beautiful? Then it's a keeper. Tidy room - Tidy mind.

Buying: potted flowering colour to refill some outdoor planters and some organic herbs to top up my herb pots.

Getting: Careful what you wish for as it can backfire on you in the most spectacular fashion. Did you get what you deserve? ;)

Bookmarking: a few low carb/ low sugar recipes for next week.

Disliking: people that are nasty/cruel/spiteful/vindictive to small children. Your turn will come.

Opening: When opening your mouth engage your brain. Is it true? Is it kind? Think before you speak.Your reputation is linked to your words.

Giggling: Grandma (Heartpoet's mumma) and I were giggling like school girls during our 1/2 hr phone chat last night. Something she saw then relayed to me had tickled her funny bone and had her in fits of contagious giggles. Heading into her late 80's she has recovered remarkably well from her stroke and hip replacement. We had the loveliest chat last night. She was so happy to hear from me. The UK is such a long way away...

Feeling: loved! When you feel loved, everything always feels like it's going to work out fine.

Snacking: on farm fresh strawberries.

Coveting: Time with those I love. Treasure the love of people and the value of time. After they disappear, we only have memories to keep in mind.

Helping: I go about my days with an open heart. We all shut down from time to time, particularly when we feel raw or exposed. However the minute we shut down may be the minute a life changing connection/experience happens. Open your heart and feed your soul.

Hearing: Aussie Taylor Henderson's (self written) new single Host Of Angels. Such a heartfelt pretty song...

"Little girl looking at the ceiling,
Little girl how are you feeling,
There's no shame in being alone..
The tears you hide,
Behind your eyes,
Cry 'em out until they're gone..
So I can,
Hear you call
Behind the, the brokedown walls
That you been building for so long...
So let it out,
It feels good..
So let the weight, the doubt, the hurt, the burn that you've withstood.....
But ohhh I know you'll make it through..
There's a host of angels watching over, over you."

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

My Girl


My Girl

My girl dancing in the summer breeze smile as wide as the old oak trees
Hair alive in the morning light flecks of gold on her legs of white
Arms to the skies where the gods respond rains of love on the lily pond
Gentle touch with her gentle heart close to hand at every start

My girl skipping on the grassy earth soul entrenched in a mother’s worth
Skin as soft as a feather’s fall softer than a whispered call
Polished nails complete her toes crimson hues to purple prose
Magic in the morning air elegance and a lady’s flair

My girl lying in my arms complete whispers in the summer’s heat

Syllables and a single sigh come to rest on a moonlit thigh
Quiet in the late night’s glow magic in emotion’s flow
Restful sleep with an angel’s charms home at last in my girl’s arms 


Sunday, September 28, 2014

The Bus

The Bus

Are you still on the bus that sways to and fro
 as the corners and bends pass by
Life on the slow as traffic lights bleed

and the questions remain why oh why
Living on straps from the ceiling to fall

leathered and weathered they hang
Waiting for you to let them all go

to leap from the bus with a bang

Are you still on the bus is your mind not at rest

is your ticket all frayed and decayed
Have the moments slipped by as you hold on for life

on the rickety journey you’ve made
Preserving the dreams of the days that have flown

to worlds that are distant and lost
Sighs and the shrugs of your shoulders that drop

at the thought of all that you’ve tossed

Are you still on the bus that staggers ahead

as the thunderbirds ravage with speed
Stirring the dust as they zoom back and forth

with the days of the future they plead
Screaming their tyres they zoom to the rear

they call for your life to resume
Leaving the past to the place it belongs

in the shelter of despair and the doom


Saturday, September 27, 2014

Springtime at my place

Bird Nest Fern

Potted colour

Who's that tapping at my door?

A fluffy HUNGRY baby bird that's who!

Who loves raisin toast.

This chubby bubba can't believe his luck...
Tapping on the door of a
'Mother Hen'.
He/she has bestowed upon me the title of...
He/she patiently waits (on our veranda) for me each morning (for a feed),
sticks around through the day, looks for a feed again at dusk, 
before retiring to our Jacaranda tree for the night.
In the morning the process starts all over again.
This morning he/she shared Miss Cosette's
 (pictured to the right of my blog)
 cat mince with her.
Miss Cosette (in deep mourning over Miss Charlotte's passing)
 was thrilled to have a new playmate.
Miss Cosette has never seen an episode of Sylvester and Tweety.
Cossie (as she is affectionately known)
 is not the brightest tile on the roof. 
She is a gentle refined gal,
who is more known for her looks than her smarts.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

A Lovely Surprise - Rainforest R & R

Tuesday morning (just gone)
 I awoke to a lovely (totally unexpected) surprise.
 Heartpoet had secretly booked a romantic getaway in the rainforest.
Two nights tucked away in a secluded cabin just he and I.
Our expected arrival time? 2pm that same day ;)
Oh my! :)

We have not long returned home.

A few snippets from our bliss-filled getaway...

Extra supply of fluffy towels.
Handmade lush soap ball with garden fresh sprigs of lavender,
wrapped in vintage lace.
Fairtrade Belgian Chocolate.

Falling asleep to the crackling of the fire.
Awaking to the Whip Birds and the sounds of the rainforest.


Morning mist.

Eclectic/tranquil surrounds.

Rain pinging and tinging on the tin roof - 
Fairy Dreams incense (jasmine & honey) burning.
A piping hot bush lemon and honey cup of tea.
A book selected from the cabins book shelf.
A cosy spot near the fire.
 Plump cushions.
 A luxurious soft mohair throw.
Excuse me if I nod off wont you?! Ha!

Spoilt much?!

1 breakfast and 1 lunch dining at mountain cafes.
Pictured above is dessert from our lunch out.
Pots of Chamomile and English Breakfast tea's 
and raw carrot and brazil nut cake and raw apple and caramel cake.
The rest Heartpoet self catered.
Heartpoet (alone) had shopped for all manner of 
delectable foodstuffs, drinks etc.
 Packing them safely/securely in our largest esky.
He made good use of the cabins well appointed kitchen.
Last night for example he served...
Dinner - 
A rustic/hearty chicken, leek, mushroom and parmesan risotto 
(made from scratch). 
Dessert -
Pre-purchased individual sour cherry cheesecakes,
 washed down with flutes of pink champagne by the fire.
I cook 99% of the time at home,
 so for me this was an extra special treat!

A brisk 4.9km romantic rainforest walk 
Hand in hand of course.

I love this one of a kind quirky dude so much!
Unbeknownst to Heartpoet 
(although it soon became very apparent ha!),
I went away with the worst ever PMT.
Methinks the stress from my worrying about his pathology test results
has delayed my period somewhat. 
I was all over the shop.
 Teary one minute, cranky the next.
Heartpoet however was not fazed at all.
He just loved on me even harder.
Definitely a keeper right?! ;)