Monday, July 27, 2015

Rare Photos

When someone posted the above to fb earlier today it made me smile knowingly. In my lil fam there is really only one culprit - Brenton. We have various photo albums, envelopes of photo's and online files filled with photo's of Brenton and Rhiannon from over the years. The majority have Rhi smiling sweetly and Brenton acting the ham. Resulting in Rhi dissolving in fits of giggles. Nothing much has changed in more recent years. So many outtakes of Brenton (alone or with another/others) pictured with a ridiculous expression on his face. Where once it frustrated the bejesus outta me I have long given up fretting about it. Indeed only last week I pulled out my iPhone as Brenton and Miss Taylah (all dressed up) were heading out the door to a fancy restaurant for dinner. Sure as eggs are eggs when I looked at the three photo's I had hastily snapped Miss Taylah looked sensational but Brenton (whilst looking most handsome) had a ludicrous exaggerated look on his all 3 photo's! So I have decided for my birthday (later this year) I am going to request the pair have a handful of photo's taken by a professional photographer as their gift to me. I have Miss Tay onside already ha! Rest assured that I will share them here when the time comes.

Brenton takes after myself methinks in that he is most uncomfortable having photo's taken. Do you like (feel comfortable) having your photo taken? Do you have a ham or two (or perhaps even a few) in your fam as soon as the camera appears? Had some professional photo's taken of late?


Thursday, July 16, 2015



There was sunshine in my soul yesterday!

Listening: I love the lyrics to this Katy Perry song. This is how I rock and roll with those in my circle. A circle that can always stretch to accommodate more. I go about my days with an open heart. Don't wait for people to be friendly, show them how! Carve your name on hearts, not marble.


Oh, no did I get too close or did I almost see
What's really on the inside
All your insecurities, all the dirty laundry
Never made me blink one time

Unconditional, unconditionally
I will love you unconditionally
There is no fear now
Let go and just be free
I will love you

Come just as you are to me
Don't need apologies, know
That you are worthy
I'll take your bad days with your good walk
Through the storm
I would, i do it all
Because I love you
I love you

Unconditional, unconditionally
I will love you unconditionally
There is no fear now
Let go and just be free
I will love you, unconditionally

So open up your heart
And just let it begin
Open up your heart
And just let it begin
Open up your heart
And just let it begin
Open up your heart
Acceptance, is the key to be
To be truly free
Will you do the same thing for me?

Unconditional, unconditionally
I will love you, unconditionally
And there is no fear now
Let go and just be free
Cause I will love you
I will love you
I will love you
I will love you

Eating: Those who sit at my table are always sated after a meal. None of this stretch 1 chicken fillet to feed many crapola. An abundance of good quality healthy hearty winter fare is currently on offer under my lil roof. You can have a second serve if you desire and pack flavorsome leftovers for your lunch the next day. Methinks I was an Italian mumma in a prior life hehehe. All under this roof are happy/healthy/fit/slender so I must be doing something right. Yes I have type 2 diabetes but in my case it is genetic not diet/lifestyle related. My specialist informed me it would have presented at a much younger age if I did not live the lifestyle that I do. Rather than be gutted by the diagnosis I take comfort that I warded it off for as long as I did.

Drinking: During dinner prep last night (check out the recipe it was oh so good) I thoroughly enjoyed sipping a glass or two of pink bubbles. I rarely drink alcohol. But when I do my favorite tipple is pink champagne.

Wearing: Black fitted pants, black cami, long boho crochet cardi, black flats, and my Brenton & Rhiannon (has discs with their names on) boho wrap bracelet.

Feeling: Excited. Two premium tickets to see Les Miserables arrived in the mail this week. A surprise from Heartpoet. We have also put our names down with Heartpoet's workplace social club to see 3 musicals touring later this year/early next. Great seats have been sorted for: Into The Woods, CATS and The Sound Of Music. My favorite kind of date night - dinner out followed by a show!

Wanting: To book a girls only lunch/pamper day with Brenton's girlfriend Taylah. She works long hrs on her feet and has been most unwell this week. I very much enjoy her company and she mine. Should be fun!

Miss Taylah 

Thinking: Those who make public thinly veiled smug swipes at others lack balls. Me? If I take issue with someone I will politely convey such directly to the individual. Publicly if warranted but preferably privately. I will always leave my name. I cringe a lil  lot on the inside when I see people doing this about others. The old saying...more arse than class ALWAYS springs to mind. It says way more about you than the person you are spiting on. Don't do it. Just don't!

Enjoying: Catching up with extended family (from both near and far) of late. Like all families ours has it's fair share of nutters lol. We no longer chase people. Our thinking is: be ourselves, work hard, do our own thing (mind our own business). The right people who belong in our life will come to us and stay. We have found a lovely balance at present.

Missing: My 1 hr twice daily (morning/evening) walks. Heartpoet's and Brenton's most recent work hrs dictate I have no walking buddy for my evening walks. Even with a large fully grown German Shepherd I have been heckled by various blokes along the walkways. When did the harmless wolf whistle or friendly wink/nod turn into something sexually overt that makes one feel unsafe? On a recent evening walk Brenton deliberately walked a few paces behind. Within minutes some grub coming in the opposite direction started heckling me wanting to know was I open to suggestions as to what he would like to do to me? Brenton picked up the pace and stepped sideways in front of him. Brenton - young, tall, pumped from weekly PT sessions x 4 with a mixed martial arts pro (+ regular gym), and with tattoo's, said how about you tell ME man what you would like to do to MY MOTHER!!! The look on this grubs face was priceless. Brenton is a lover not a fighter but thankfully this grub did not know that ha! So needless to say I have been banned (by Brenton & Heartpoet) from walking alone (or with our dog) as a safety precaution. The walkways are bordered by a creek covered in thick scrub. Just too risky. I feel hemmed in and I hate it. Women should be able to walk without fear for their safety. We live in a lovely leafy green area. A few bad eggs spoil it for the masses. It's bullshit!

Watching: Heartpoet and I were gifted a $100 movie voucher this week. A 'just because' out of the blue pressie from Brenton. "Because you are the best mumma and step dad in the world". Sheesh not sure about that title but do know it is lovely to have our efforts noticed/appreciated. So off to the movies for Heartpoet and I this weekend methinks. I am not even sure what is currently showing?

Reading: Not much in the way of books (have quite the stack piling up). No new magazines. Not much in the way of blogs (only my firm favorites). Life has been full to the brim of late (as you have probably noticed by my reduced number of blog posts). 


Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Petal on a Rose

Petal on a Rose

Found a petal on a rose a dewdrop on the tip
a honey bee was sitting there in a space-age pirate ship
Parrot on a shoulder pad a patch across one eye
rosehip in a leather flask upon his waist was tied
A waistcoat red and black he wore and pointed shoes to boot
he looked the part I told myself in that flashy pirate suit
Yet surely there I spied a sword just hanging from a belt
tied around his tiny waist and made of fluffy felt
It dangled and it bobbled and it swung from left to right
a mighty sword to such a bee and handy in a fight
And I wondered if he’d used it had he ever swung the blade
had he used it in defensive mode or used it in a raid
Had he used it in defiance of larger foes at foot
or used it in the opening of a piece of passionfruit
Was it sharper than a scabbard or duller than a duck
I wondered if he kept it for a piece of bloomin’ luck

Well I looked and looked and peered at this this petal on a rose
when suddenly the pirate bee came right up to my nose
He looked and looked and gasped and laughed and suddenly he said
well mighty me I’ve never seen such a giant ugly head
And so you see my readers true this tale is one of jest
comedy is everywhere upon each beating chest
So never ever worry find a petal on a rose
and if you see a pirate bee - maybe offer it your nose!



Monday, July 13, 2015


  1. Not the past. Not the partner. Not the circumstances. And definitely not the kids. You. As a parent, you determine whether your family is strong and close-knit or dysfunctional.
  2. I *heart* that part of Hawaiian culture, ʻohana means family (in an extended sense of the term, including blood-related, adoptive or intentional). The concept emphasizes that families are bound together and members must cooperate and remember one another. The term is similar in meaning and usage to the New Zealand Māori term whānau, and its cognate in Māori is kōhanga, meaning "nest".

    I believe we are all handed a life that is like a software program, but it’s not a simple one with just one line following directly to the next one…instead it is rich, complex program filled with switch-case statements, if-else clauses and loops. At any point in life, we are faced with a choice – if we make one choice we go down one path and other choices lead to other paths (including getting stuck in loops). And if we don’t choose intentionally, we land in the default case which at best is a life of mediocrity and at worst is a dysfunctional life.

    From that sense, as parents, we do have control over whether we raise strong, close-knit families or dysfunctional ones. *Irrespective of circumstances*. The only way destiny leads to a dysfunctional life (or family), is if you stick with the default choices with no attempt to see what happens if you take one of the alternate paths.
  3. A penny dropped for Heartpoet in recent times. He stood before two roads diverged in a wood. After much antagonizing (over others expecting him to be OK with something they most definitely would NOT be OK with in reverse) he simply exhaled and took the road less traveled. For him there is no looking back. For him there is no going back. Knowing the circumstances only too well I 100% respect his choices. Sometimes you have to be brave and let go and see what happens. And you know what? Sometimes you get the best light from others burning bridgesA difficult road has led to the most beautiful destination. And that has made all of the difference. 
  4. Ever noticed how some people would rather stop speaking to you (and spite you even) instead of apologizing when they're blatantly in the wrong?! Who has gossiped in prior times to you will down the track gossip about you. Foes now 'friends'. Quite hilarious really! I remember a saying my great grandmother once taught me when I was but a wee girl.  She said..."my dear girl, in life you will quickly learn that you cannot make silk purses out of sows ears". Look you can't take any of it too personally. You really can't! You can't mix sump oil with water. Like attracts like. Our time here on earth is super short. We all tend to get caught up in situations, and people that distract us from our purpose. Printed on a cars bumper sticker I spied recently were the words - "You can't do epic shit with basic people". 
  5. Footnote: The cruelest of storms raged above one little piggie's ear in recent times. Heartbreaking/life changing times all round. 'Me Disease' quickly kicked in for said piggie and a row boat was hinted at through other piggies. Where once Heartpoet would have chartered the worlds longest ship (filled it with passengers named love, comfort and support, then sailed the roughest/choppiest of seas) a carefully crafted paper boat containing fragments of his shattered heart was all that he could manage.
  6. There is a moral to this story. Actions have consequences. Piggies of the world I often despair will never fully grasp this moral and will therefore be continually reminded by lessons from The Universe in the harshest of ways. I cannot impress enough on anyone reading this post - tomorrow is NOT guaranteed! Time is precious. Love the life you live!


Friday, July 10, 2015

The Sliding Door

The Sliding Door

The slightest touch would turn the hinge and motion would begin
Movement oh so very slight upon a fleeting whim
The sound would stir across the room the almost silent hush
Castors on a steady frame withstood the weighty crush

So stand as tall with the sliding door and savour every move
Sleekness on a day of silk that slides on every groove
And wonder at persistence thus that opens then to close
Opens to a brand new day to strike another pose

And never lose the wide eyed thrill at simply being here
Upon this spinning place called Earth upon this spinning sphere
For surely life though short and cruel has miracles and smiles
Countless grains of wonderment upon life’s many tiles

For standing there before the door that slides to slide again
Reflections of the moonlit sky come bouncing back to when
We all were younger still enough on a backlit starry night
And slid these doors to places far across the colours’ light


Monday, July 6, 2015

The Burning Bridge

The Burning Bridge

Further than the furthest view beyond the distant shore
A spark escapes from sharpest flint and darts through evermore
Dancing striking poised to flight the timber starts to crack
Railings fall to heat and ash in the distance far out back
Pylons crash and burst the sea lumber to the deep
Once so proud to hold the weight of hopes the dreams now sleep
And then the dawn the curling wisps ashes on a wave
Flotsam on a churning sea no pride nor courage brave
So come and sing to burning bridge where ashes rule the sky
And wonder at the distance now between our every sigh
For waters rule this stretch of sea so deep and cold at dawn
How can you hope to build the links you never seem to mourn?


Saturday, June 27, 2015

20 things...