Thursday, May 21, 2009

Homemade Chocolate Soap Recipe

Homemade Chocolate Soap

Oh my how wicked...this soap goes well with the Choccie Bath Milk Recipe, also
posted on my blog ;]

You will need...

12 oz grated plain unscented soap
5 oz water
1/4 cup instant cocoa powder
1/8 oz Chocolate Fragrance oil

Then you will need to...

In an old saucepan reserved for soap making combine the grated soap and water and place on stove on low/medium heat, keeping an eye on always and stirring with an old wooden spoon. When the soap has melted remove from heat and cool slightly, add the cocoa powder, and chocolate fragrance. Stir well, then pack into attractive molds and let sit until hardened. Turn out and cool completely and dry. Wrapped in pretty tissue paper and tied with rafia this soap makes a lovely gift idea for the chocolate lover in your life!

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