Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Sisters Are Different Flowers From The Same Garden

The biggest challenge a woman may ever have is the job of a mum, but along with the challenges comes the greatest rewards life can give a woman. The rewards of respect, honor, forgiveness, peace and above all a love that can last forever and remain in ones memory for a lifetime. My sister Joey is a wonderful mum to my two precious nieces (pictured above when younger). As her birthday approaches I am pondering what to get her for her special day. Special mum's always need and deserve pampering I feel as they do so much for their families and nine times out of ten put themselves last. So I am thinking something along those lines. I adore the following quote.....

"Sisters are different flowers from the same garden."
~Author Unknown



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passion4pink said...

Hi Kimmie
Hope you come up with some thing beautiful ,if you want some inspiration see my daughters new blog(if your'e game!) at & see what Monique & her sister 'got up to'lately.