Thursday, November 19, 2009


My son Brenton and all of his friends are big Twilight fans. They (incl Brenton) have read the complete series of the books, seen the movie numerous times at the cinema and have the dvd and cd. Brenton also has a huge framed canvas in his room. So Heartpoet and I curious as to what all the fuss was about, viewed the movie also and we thoroughly enjoyed it. This week the next installment in the series, NEW MOON is due out in Aussie Cinemas. The teens are currently busy making plans to all go together to see it this weekend and to then go again next week with us. Inspired by the Twilight phenomenon I requested Heartpoet pen me a lil something for our blog. Tis not related to the movie as such but his slant on mythical midnight moments....

From Pools of Black

From pools of black and darkened light
from places cold with fade
a whisper breaks the midnight screams
of creatures times delayed
of flesh and bones they stalk the earth
they linger for the blood
of innocence and youth they beg
- they beg for lust’s sweet flood
and from the darkness into grey
she stalked the late night sound
of a castle left so long ago
in a waste of barren ground
and her hair that flared in moonlight’s black
like a fire lit up the night
and not so very far away
the wolves howled in delight
for her skin was white so very white,
as clear and clean as steel,
they almost tasted her sweet flesh
their saliva sensed a meal
but never in the fright of night
was a match so ill conceived
for there within that castle scream
their skulls were cleanly cleaved
and so she rose upon the fires
of that hellish inky night
vampire and her thirst for blood,
on a quest, eternal flight…


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♥Rhee said...

wow. i absolutely love this poem. especially as it pertains to twilight, a love of mine :) simply beautiful.