Wednesday, October 13, 2010

It was raining, it was pouring....

It was raining it was pouring and the old man (Heartpoet) was definately snoring *wicked laff.* Heartpoet will so NOT be happy with my lil dig re his snoring lol :]

I am pleased to announce that I have stopped work on the raft and that I shall not be floating off into the distance...although with more rain predicted for later this week it is still a possibility sigh!

I am heartily sick of all things wet, soggy, mushy, gluggy, damp...I am sure that you get the picture. The mop and bucket and I are no longer close friends and I no longer dream of rainy days by the fire hehehe!

Thank god the rain has stopped!

To freshen things up I made some homemade air freshener today...

So much better for the environment and also your families health. This spray smells citrus fresh and works a treat!

Combine 1 tsp baking soda, 1 tsp lemon juice or a few drops of essential oil of orange or lemon and 2 cups of hot water in a new plastic spray bottle. Shake and use like any other air freshener.

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Barb said...

Hi Sweet Girl!

Please send the rain this way!!! It is very dry in my little spot on the planet!

Love the air freshener idea! I think I will try an Autumn smell like cinnamon or a combination or lavender and vanilla or maybe a musky smell like, patchouli and rosemary (my kids say I'm just an old hippie!)

My hubby snores too... :0) Gotta love em'!!

Hugs and Love,

Mel said...

Glad to hear the rain stopped. DH snores as well - what a racket!!