Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Queensland Floods Baked Relief

Qld Floods Baked Relief

I was just reading this blog post over at Digella Emporium - Baked Relief (I saw Digella on A Current Affair on TV this week handing out baked goods to ever so grateful flood victims and workers). What a fantastic way to help the wonderful workers out there who are risking their lives giving their time and efforts to help others.

If you are local PLEASE think about baking/cooking to give them some relief too. If you are not local PLEASE consider donating to fund the purchase of baking ingredients.

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joolzmac said...

My niece is opening her hair salon here on Sunday and doing cuts and colours for clients who have booked in - all proceeds from the days trade will be donated to the Qld Flood Appeal. How cool is that?

I have volunteered to make her some yummy biscuits and some fudge to give her clients when they have a cuppa.

Baked goods are very comforting, I find. :)

Cheers - Joolz

HI I'M DONNA said...

HI Kim, Hows it going up at your place now.. Hope the clean up is going ok.. I came across that ladies blog too. I put a link to it on my face book page. I think it was an excellent idea. I wish i could do more to help you all but were just so far away.. I saw the funeral of the mother and son who lost their lives, it really pulled at the heart strings, i was sobbing.. You are all in my prayers..