Thursday, May 19, 2011

Happy 40th Birthday To My Younger Brother Sean - A Winged Heart

Happy birthday Sean

Life certainly stacked the cards against you when you were born 40 years ago today. Given away for adoption by your natural parents as a babe in the hope I imagine that you would be given a better life. Adopted by my natural parents with "issues" who did not treat you with the love and care that you deserved and who then relinquished you back to the system age 13. Another post another day.

Lost in the system and at times lost to each other there have been periods of time where I have been heartbroken not knowing where you are therefore not able to telephone or see you. Periods where you have deliberately retreated from painful memories and all who may remind you simply by connection and through no fault of their own. During these times I cocooned you safely in my heart as did our sister Jodie and our cousins. I would frantically send my love out into the Universe daily praying that it would find you. Not knowing you were ok felt like my heart was riddled with termites causing structural decay.

Reconnected as adults, reaffirming our love for each other and revisiting the past has been ever so painful for you as well as myself. I am so very proud of the man that you have become against all odds. Lost and alone you sort out an apprenticeship as a Chef fuelled in part by your love of cooking and in part by a wonderful high school teachers encouragement. God bless teachers. On finishing your apprenticeship you went on to win medals in the Culinary Olympics. You now work in the finest of restaurants serving the finest of cuisine. Two years ago you married your sweetheart a beautiful Japanese girl in two separate wedding ceremonies. One ceremony traditional the other modern and both held in Japan. Your wife's family adores you and you are now a much loved son in law in their tight knit loving family. You hope to start a family of your own one day soon.

I now wake each day at dawn with a winged heart knowing that pure love sent against all odds can find a way.

I love you Sean, always have, always will. Happy Birthday honey may all your dreams come true!~

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Mel said...

Happy Birthday, Sean. I hope you have a wonderful day.

cathy@home said...

What a great post Sean is a lucky person to have a loving sister like you. Happy Birthday Sean

A Blessed Life said...

Happy Birthday to your brother,sad things sometimes make the most amazing people,hardship is horrid for little ones and he should be so proud of himself,just imagine how loved his children will be...bliss for Sean.

Mrs Bok - The Bok Flock said...

Happy birthday Sean, your story resonates with me - you're a strong man to have built on the hardships you've experienced. Wish you every happiness sure sounds like you deserve it x

Catherine said...

Beautiful post!

A very Happy Birthday to your brother!
xo Catherine