Friday, March 23, 2012

Kimmie's Roast Veg and Bacon Bake

Chop up a variety of your favorite veg and place in a baking dish with 6 cloves of garlic. Drizzle lightly with light olive oil then sprinkle with paprika, Armomat Seasoning, ground rock salt and ground black pepper. Toss gently to evenly distribute seasoning and oil.

Roast veg in preheated 200C oven (gently turning veg once) until crisp-tender.

Remove from oven and transfer veg and garlic that has been mooshed from their skins into a lightly greased lasagna type baking dish. Sprinkle with grated low fat cheese, chopped double smoked bacon and either chopped fresh garlic chives or dried chives.

Add two cups of boiling water to two packets of Maggi Tasty Cheese Sauce Mix in heat proof jug. Stir well until sauce thickens then pour over roasted veg/bacon/cheese mix.

Reduce oven temp to 180C and bake till all veg are cooked through and cheese is bubbly and golden on top. Serve with crunchy french stick sliced and buttered. Quick, economical and super tasty!

*Normally I would make my own cheese sauce however this meal is all about no fuss, for those nights you are either in a hurry or tired and tempted by take-away. You can of course substitute homemade cheese sauce (I often do). It is tasty either way! The veg I used tonight: potatoes, sweet potatoes, zucchini, cauliflower, dutch carrots, mushrooms and garlic.


A Treasured Past said...

Yum, Kimmie, that looks delicious and so easy. I will have to try it out. Have a great weekend, Tam x

Terry said...

That looks so YummY Kimmie. And thank you for taking the time and effort to photograph it for us at all different stages of preparation. I'm going to get Trevor to try this.

Tas said...

looks good, so do golden syrup biscuits. Cheerful site, but so sad that the tracker thing doesn't know the difference between Melbourne and Tasmania, we are a different State, and honest, we DO exist!!!