Thursday, April 5, 2012

Count your blessings not your heartaches

People with a strong sense of gratitude, love and appreciation don't necessarily have more than others, they aren't "luckier". They simply recognize and see more beauty in their lives. If you ever feel as if anything in your life isn't "enough", try practicing an attitude of thankfulness. You might realize how good you have it after all.

Count your blessings not your heartaches blog friends~!

A beautiful bunch of flowers this week from my sweetheart - They will be extra pretty when they all open up. The tuberose has a heavenly scent.

Also from my sweetheart a box of delectable sweet treats. Oh how I wish I could pass the box around and let you all select one. Which one would you choose?

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Debbie said...

What a romantic husband you have there Kimmie! Enjoy your treats...they look divine!

Enchanted Moments said...

Your words are certainly wise...I try to practise the art of thankfulness each and every day....the children often ask who I am talking to sometimes when the traffic is kind to me and I say out loud, thank box of treats is certainly something to be thankful for, I just bet you will cut each of those in half and share them with your lovely partner.....x

Mel said...

Wonderful words, Kimmie. Those treats look divine.