Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Blessings

Brenton phoned home Easter Good Friday morn reporting that he was having a fantastic time holidaying at Woodgate with his gf at her grandparents place. His gf's Dad (had arrived home the prior day, after 10 months in Afghanistan), Mum and two Sisters had now joined them and jet skiing was on the days agenda. All was good however Brenton had thoughtfully decided that he was going to head home later that day to give the family some private time to reconnect. He also mentioned that he wanted to spend at least part of Easter with us - his family. However jet skiing took up much of the day and his gf's Mum was not keen for Brenton (who has just got his P's) to set off on the long journey home on dusk - I love that she looks out for him like that! So he telephoned me again saying that he would instead arrive home the following day, Easter Saturday mid afternoon. As Brenton's car pulled into our street Angel our small Terrier let out an excited yelp and Heartpoet (who had obviously missed Brenton) rushed out to our front veranda to warmly and loudly lol welcome him home. Step-dad's often get a bad rap in media circles and rightly so with the abhorrent way in which many treat their Step-children. Happy to report in our home though that a Step-dad has been a true blessing! The three of us then caught up over a delish Thai meal that evening. I must admit it was lovely having my lil family home under the one roof for Easter.

The motto we hold here in this home is - "If You Believe He Will Come" - as long as you believe in the Easter Bunny he will come! Needless to say we all believe ;]

The Easter Bunny left Brenton a gift box of eggs, a bag of smaller eggs, 6 pairs of the sporty type socks he likes best (no doubt to replace the ones he loses when he stays over at mates places lol) and some money in a card. How clever was the Easter Bunny knowing that Brenton would be somewhat bereft of funds after his holiday ;] Heartpoet loved that the Easter Bunny had thoughtfully left him a 'bottle of something special' and some heart shaped chocolates. I awoke Easter Sunday morning to the most heavenly musk smell. The Easter Bunny had left a bag of beautifully wrapped Dusk goodies for me at the foot of our bed. Such a smart Bunny knowing that more than the tiniest amount of chocolate will trigger a migraine (one of many triggers *sigh*). What was in that big brown Dusk bag I hear you all ask? Well you will all just have to come back here tomorrow to find out won't you ;]

Easter blessings to you all~!

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Lynda Halliger-Otvos said...

Sweet to have them near you when sentimentality strikes as it often does on holidays. I too have chocolate migraine issues and so I had a starburst (fruit chew) for my requisite sweet and enjoyed maple syrup from my sister in Ontario on pancakes so delightful.

Happy Week, Kimmie.