Saturday, April 21, 2012

A Very Posh Formal Affair

Helping my Brenton (age 18) get ready for his gf's (age 17) Year 12 Formal. Brenton is her partner as she attends a private girls school. A very posh affair that starts at 4pm today and will no doubt continue on into the the early hrs of tomorrow morning. Brenton is going to look so handsome in his black suit with silver tie. I helped Brenton select/order a wrist corsage for his gf - stunning diamante bracelet with dainty white roses (was thinking red roses at first as her dress is red but the colour of red roses evidently clashes with the red material her dress is made of) and silver ribbon to match her shoes, accessories and his tie. I have not seen her dress yet as I want to be surprised when I see the photo's.

The pre drinks and nibbles and ceremony is open to the girls families only, so unfortunately Heartpoet and I will not be attending. Having her Dad not long home from Afghanistan will no doubt make it extra special for her and her family. From the ceremony they will be taken by stretch limo to dinner and dancing at a city location then ferried again by limo to the after party at a country estate. I can't wait to see the photo's! Above is a really quick photo that I just snapped of the wrist corsage that we have just picked up from the florist. I really wanted to show you more of the intricate detail in the bracelet part however it is quite humid in Brisbane today and I did not wish to take the risk of having the rosebuds wilt by having it out of our fridge for too long.


Barb said...

Hi Kimmie!

What an exciting time for Brenton, and what a lucky girl!!

I know that you cherish these times that you spend with Brenton - can't wait to see pics!

Hugs and Love,

Kimmie said...

I do cherish them Barb. Heartpoet and I are both so very thankful that Brenton shares his special moments and times with us - memories that we hold dear in out hearts.

Lynda Halliger-Otvos said...

These are memories that will last a lifetime... or several !~! His journey to manhood forges ahead at full tilt boogie; these next several years will be so interesting and you and HP have given him an amazing start. Reasons to be proud exhibit themselves a lot.

Good job, parents.

Kimmie said...

Thank you Lynda for your heartfelt comment. Seemingly in the blink of an eye my baby has grown into a lovely young man. Can't wait to see what the next few years bring, like you said interesting times ahead for sure :]

Debbie said...

What a beautiful corsage! Brenton will have a grand exciting for him. Looking forward to pictures if you can!